Men and Gentlemen

Trollope understood perfectly what a gentleman was.

  • No man after twenty-five can afford to call special attention to his coat, his hat, his cravat, or his trousers.

    He Knew He Was Right

  • A man should not have his Christian name used by every Tom and Dick without his sanction.

    The American Senator

  • A perfect gentleman is a thing which I cannot define.

    The Last Chronicle of Barset

  • The one offence which a gentleman is supposed never to commit is that of speaking an untruth

    The Eustace Diamonds

  • A man will dine, even though his heart be breaking.

    The Small House at Allington

  • Mr Palliser had been brought up in a school which delights in tranquillity, and never allows its pupils to commit themselves either to the sublime or to the ridiculous.

    The Small House at Allington

  • Little men in authority are always stern.

    The Vicar of Bullhampton

  • A man cannot change as men change. Individual men are like the separate links of a rotatory chain. The chain goes on with continuous easy motion as though every part of it were capable of adapting itself to a curve, but ... each link is as stiff and sturdy as any other piece of wrought iron.

    Rachel Ray

  • Competition, that beautiful science of the present day, by which every plodding cart-horse is converted into a racer.

    The Struggles of Brown, Jones and Robinson