The First Complete Edition of The Duke’s Children

The publication of the extended and original version of The Duke’s Children, in limited fine edition format by the Folio Society, was one of the highlights of the bicentenary year. The recent publication of the first hardback trade edition by Everyman’s Library will, undoubtedly, ensure that this becomes the definitive edition by producing an affordable version.

The lengthy project of restoring the missing text from the original manuscript was the dedicated work of a team led by Professor Steven Amarnick in New York. The copyright of the unpublished text lies with the Trollope Society and we are pleased to announce that, in association with Professor Amarnick, we are now able to offer access to supportive and explanatory notes on the project as a whole which can be accessed by both members of the Society and the academic world at large.

A number of sections are available now, with the remaining areas to follow soon.

  1. Introduction by Steven Amarnick
  2. Notes on the Complete Manuscript Cuts by Steven Amarnick
  3. Notes on Selected Restored Passages by Steven Amarnick
  4. Editorial Policies by Steven Amarnick
  5. Editorial Decisions by Steven Amarnick, Volume 1. (Volumes 2 & 3 coming soon)
  6. Contextual Notes by Michael G Williamson
  7. The Characters and Place Names by Michael G Williamson