Christmas Stories

Monday 12th December at 8pm
Join us for a Christmas Zoom. We will be discussing two of Trollope’s lesser-known stories, The Widow’s Mite and The Two Generals, two American Civil War Christmas stories.

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When any body of statesmen make public asseverations by one or various voices, that there is no discord among them, not a dissentient voice on any subject, people are apt to suppose that they cannot hang together much longer.

The Duke's Children

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We have restarted our in-person events, we also have an extensive programme of Zoom events planned, so you can still join us online and meet other Trollope enthusiasts from all over the world.

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See the full calendar

People are so much more worldly in practice than they are in theory, so much keener after their own gratification in detail than they are in the abstract.

The Last Chronicle of Barset