Notes on the Complete Manuscript Cuts

An introduction from Professor Amarnick

In this section, readers can see all the space-saving cuts that Trollope made in the manuscript itself, ranging from single words (which he crossed out with a straight line) to multiple consecutive paragraphs (which he crossed out with a large X or, less often, a loose wavy line). I have included the entire paragraph in which any cut appears—with the cut itself in boldface.  I have also indicated, within brackets, any words that Trollope wrote in the manuscript to replace the longer cuts. If there is a gap between paragraphs before another cut appears, I have used five asterisks.

Occasionally, Trollope would cross out a phrase or sentence, before deciding to use some of the same words as a replacement. In such cases, I have shown both what he crossed out (in boldface) and what he put back into the text (in brackets).

I have not indicated changes from upper to lower, or lower to upper, case.

I have also not indicated cuts that Trollope had second thoughts about and restored for publication. For commentary on these passages, as well as on significant changes that are not in the manuscript, see the forthcoming section on editorial decisions.

Download the notes on the manuscript cuts

Cuts, Volume 1 – Chapters 1-26

Cuts, Volume 2 – Chapters 27-53

Cuts, Volume 3 – Chapters 54-80