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Proudie, Thomas Bishop

The Bishop of Barchester, entirely dominated by his wife.

Most prominent in Barchester Towers, The Last Chronicle of Barset and Framley Parsonage; briefly in Thorne; and Allington. In He Knew He Was Right, he is mentioned for an appointment on the Ecclesiastical Commission; and in Claverings, he uses his authority to compel the Rev. Henry Clavering to give up hunting.

"He had been preacher to the royal beefeaters, curator of theological manuscripts in the Ecclesiastical Courts, chaplain to the Queen's yeomanry guard, and almoner to his Royal Highness the Prince of Rappe-Blankenburg.... In person Dr. Proudie is a good looking man, spruce and dapper, and very tidy. He is some. what below middle height, being about five feet four, but he makes up for the inches which he wants by the dignity with which he carries those which he has. It is no fault of his own if he has not a commanding eye, for he studies hard to assume it. His features are well formed, though perhaps the sharpness of his nose may give to his face ... an air of insignificance. If so, it is greatly redeemed by his mouth and chin, of which he is justly proud" - Barchester Towers