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Hartletop, Griselda (Grantly), Marchioness of

Daughter of Archdeacon Grantly of Barchester. Her mother and Lady Lufton desired to marry her to Lord Lufton, but she married, instead, Lord Dumbello, who later became the Marquis of Hartletop. Plantagenet Palliser once made tentative love to her.

Mentioned briefly in The Warden as the younger daughter, but Florinda disappears from the later books and Griselda is called the only daughter. She is pictured as “a slim, pale retiring girl … who gave promise of much beauty” in Barchester Towers; as “without peer the best dressed woman in London … and then she was so beautiful. Her smile was loveliness itself … a miracle of a woman,” in Can You Forgive Her?; in The Small House at Allington, “she contributed nothing to society but her cold, hard beauty, her gait, and her dress.” In Miss Mackenzie, she is noted briefly as one of the patronesses at the Negro Soldiers’ Orphan Bazaar; and as having “a little Lord Dumbello of her own,” in The Last Chronicle of Barset.

"She was decidedly a beauty, but somewhat statuesque in her loveliness. Her forehead was high and white, but perhaps too like marble to gratify the taste of those who are fond of flesh and blood. Her eyes were large and exquisitely formed, but they seldom showed much emotion. She, indeed, was impassive herself, and betrayed but little of her feeling. Her nose was nearly Grecian, not coming absolutely in a straight line from her forehead, but doing so nearly enough to be considered classical. Her mouth, too, was very fine - artists, at least, said so, and connoisseurs in beauty.... The exquisite symmetry of her cheek and chin and lower face no man could deny. Her hair was light, and being always dressed with considerable care, did not detract from her appearance; but it lacked that richness which gives such luxuriance to feminine loveliness. She was tall and slight and very graceful in her movements" - Framley Parsonage