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Hartletop, Dowager Marchioness of

Mother of Lord Dumbello, and one of the few intimate women friends of the old Duke of Omnium. She engaged in an effort to dislodge MadameGoesler from London society when the Duke seemed to prefer her company, and was not, in consequence, in favor with Lady Glencora Palliser’s set.

When the old Duke was dying, she journeyed out to Matching Priory to see him, claiming a friendship of forty years, but Lady Glencora refused her. Most prominent in Phineas Redux; briefly, as a “worldly” woman of whom Lady Lufton disapproved, in Framley Parsonage. She is named as one of a dinner party at the Pallisers in Phineas FinnĀ and briefly in The Small House at Allington.