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Grantly, Rev. Theophilus

The intrepid Archdeacon of Barchester and Rector of Plumstead Episcopi. He was the son of Bishop Grantly and hoped vainly to follow his father as Bishop of the diocese.

"...he looked like an ecclesiastical statue ... as a fitting impersonation of the church militant here on earth; his shovel hat, large, new, and well-pronounced, a churchman's hat in every inch, declared the profession as plainly as does the Quakers broad brim; his heavy eyebrow, large, open eyes, and full mouth and chin expressed the solidity of his order; the broad chest, amply covered with fine cloth, told how well to do was his estate; one hand ensconced within his pocket, evinced the practical hold which our mother church keeps on her temporal possessions; and the other, loose for action, was ready to fight if need be for her defence; and, below these, the decorous breeches and neat black gaiters showing so admirably that well-turned leg, betokened the decency, the outward beauty, and grace of our church establishment".  - The Warden

"...for whom I confess that I have all a parent's fond affection." - An Autobiography