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Chaffanbrass. Mr

The Old BaiIey barrister who is Trollope’s most famous attorney, “…than whom no barrister living or dead ever rescued more culprits from the fangs of the law” – Phineas Redux

Appears first in The Three Clerks at the trial of Alaric Tudor; later in Orley Farm defending Lady Mason; and finally in Phineas Redux defending Phineas Finn.

"He confined his practice almost entirely to one class of work, the defence namely of criminals arraigned for heavy crimes.... To such a perfection had he carried his skill and power of fence, so certain was he in attack, so invulnerable when attacked, that few men cared to come within reach of his forensic flail. ... To apply the thumbscrew, the boot, and the rack to the victim before him was the work of Mr. Chaffanbrass's life.... a little man, and a very dirty, little man. He has all manner of nasty tricks about him, which make him a disagreeable neighbour to barristers sitting near to him. He is profuse with snuff, and very generous with his handkerchief. He is always at work upon his teeth, which do not do much credit to his industry. His wig is never at ease upon his head, but is poked about by him, sometimes over one ear, sometimes over the other, now on the back of his head, and then on his nose; and it is impossible to say in which guise he looks most cruel, most sharp, and most intolerable. His linen is never clean, his hands never washed, and his clothes apparently never new" - The Three Clerks