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Thorne, Mrs. Martha (Dunstable)

Daughter of a wealthy patent medicine tycoon, whose business, the “Ointment of Lebanon,” she managed after his death. Despite her origin she was much sought-after by those who hoped to profit from her wealth and the place in society she had made for herself. Although she had many suitors, she married Dr. Thorne.

"She has a very high colour, very red cheeks, a large mouth, big white teeth, a broad nose, and bright, small black eyes. Her hair also was black and bright, but very crisp and strong, and was combed close round her face in small crisp black ringlets. Since she had been brought out into the fashionable world some one of her instructors in fashion had given her to understand that curls were not the thing. 'They'll always pass muster,' Miss Dunstable had replied, 'when they are done up with bank-notes"' - Doctor Thorne