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Fitzgerald, Burgo

Nephew of Lady Monk, and Lady Glencora’s first lover. After her marriage he continued to make love to her, and she, persuading herself that her husband would be better off without her, almost agreed to elope with him. Purposeless, and without funds, he wandered about Europe from one gambling place to another, until Plantagenet Palliser found him and arranged for a monthly stipend so long as he lived in a “certain small German town … in which there was no public gambling-table.”

"...a terribly handsome man about town, who had spent every shilling that anybody would give him, who was very fond of brandy, who was known, but not trusted, at Newmarket, who was said to be deep in every vice ..." - The Small House at Allington

"...a young man born in the purple of the English aristocracy. He was related to half the dukes in the kingdom, and had three countesses for his aunts.... He was one of those young men with dark hair and blue eyes,-who wear no beard, and are certainly among the handsomest of God's creatures" - Can You Forgive Her?