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Emilius, The Rev. Joseph

A Bohemian Jew, who had become a popular preacher in London and moved on the fringe of smart society. He came into Lizzie Eustace’s range when all her suitors were withdrawing because of the scandal connected with the theft of her diamonds. Fully aware of the benefit to be derived from Lizzie’s fortune, he induced her to marry him. Within the year she had left him, willing to accede to his demand of half her fortune as the price of his absence.

Mr. Bonteen attempted to prove that there was a former wife in Prague, and shortly after was found murdered in the streets. Phineas Finn was accused of the murder but was acquitted, and, although suspicion was directed toward Mr. Emilius, the evidence was insufficient to prove the crime. He was, however, convicted of bigamy and sentenced to a prison term.

Most prominent in The Eustace Diamonds and Phineas Redux.

"He was among the most eloquent of London preachers, and was reputed by some to have reached such a standard of pulpit-oratory, as to have had no equal within the memory of living bearers. In regard to his reading it was acknowledge that no one since Mrs. Siddons had touched him .... He had come up quite suddenly ...and had made church-going quite a pleasant occupation to Lizzie Eustace" - The Eustace Diamonds