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Eustace, Lizzie (Greystock), Lady

A young adventuress, who trapped Sir Florian Eustace into marriage, knowing that he would soon die and leave her rich and independent. Her claim to the family diamonds brought her into conflict with lawyers, suitors and thieves, but she was determined to keep them.

Her later attempts at a brilliant marriage were ill-fated. Frank Greystock knew her too well to risk it; Lord Fawn, frightened by her notoriety, withdrew, although he sorely needed her money; Lord George Carruthers evaded the issue; and she was left at last to the charlatan Emilius. But even the failure of her marriage to Mr. Emilius did not entirely daunt her, and when she disposed of him, it was rumored that she was about to marry Lord George.

"It must be understood, in the first place, that she was very lovely.... She was small, but taller than she looked to be, for her form was perfectly symmetrical. Her feet and hands might have been taken as models by a sculptor. Her figure was lithe, and soft, and slim, and slender.... And her voice would have suited the stage.... Her face was oval .... Her hair, which was nearly black ... she wore bound tight round her perfect forehead, with one long love-lock hanging over her shoulder.... Her teeth were without flaw or blemish, even, small, white, and delicate.... Her nose was small, but struck many as the prettiest feature of her face.... Her eyes, in which she herself thought that the lustre of her beauty lay, were blue and clear, bright as cerulean waters" - The Eustace Diamonds