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Chiltern, Violet (Effingham), Lady

The most intimate friend of Lady Laura Standish. Loved and courted successively by Lord Fawn, Mr. Appledom, Phineas Finn, and continuously by Lord Chiltern, whom she finally married.

Most prominent in Phineas Finn, but in some degree in each of the six novels in the Parliamentary series. Also briefly, as a guest of Mistletoe, in The American Senator  and, as a guest of Lady Glencora, in The Eustace Diamonds.

" orphan, an heiress, and a beauty.... She was small, with light crispy hair, which seemed to be ever on the flutter round her brows, and which yet was never a hair astray. She had sweet, soft grey eyes.... Her cheek was the softest thing in nature, and the colour of it, when its colour was fixed enough to be told, was a shade of pink so faint and creamy that you would hardly dare to call it by its name. Her mouth was perfect ...almost divine, with the temptation of its full, rich, ruby lips. Her teeth, which she but seldom showed, were very even and very white, and there rested on her chin the dearest dimple that ever acted as a loadstar to men's eyes.... In figure she was small.... Her feet and hands were delicately fine, and there was a softness about her whole person, an apparent compressibility, which seemed to indicate that she might go into very small compass" - Phineas Finn