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The Man Who Kept His Money In A Box

In Tales of All Countries, Second Series, 1863. Originally published in Public Opinion, Literary Supplement, Nov. 2, 9, 1861.

Mr. Greene, a wealthy Englishman on a European holiday with his family, carried his money and his wife’s jewels in one of their many boxes. On transferring from the boat on Lake Como to their hotel, the box was lost. Since he spoke no Italian, he asked Mr. Robinson, one of their traveling companions whose linguistic ability had already been of service, if he would search for it. Mr. Robinson, who was somewhat enamored of the daughter, agreed and traveled up and down the lake, but with no success. A few days later when his own boxes were brought down for his departure, greatly to his embarrassment the missing box was among them. Although Mr. Greene did not audibly express his suspicion, it was evident by his manner that he believed Mr. Robinson had planned to rob him.