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An Unprotected Female At The Pyramids

In Tales of All Countries [First Series], 1861. Originally published in Cassell's Illustrated Family Paper, Oct. 6, 13, 1860.

Miss Dawkins proclaimed herself to be an emancipated Englishwoman, free to wander about the world unprotected. She was always watching for the opportunity, however, to join some party that was going to a spot she wished to visit. Having attached herself for a trip to the Pyramids with Mr. Damer and his family, she learned that they were going up the Nile, and, finding Mr. Damer quite breathless after his ascent of the Great Pyramid, told him that she had decided to accept his invitation to join them for the next stage of their journey. Despite his lack of breath, Mr. Damer forced himself to decline the honor, having discovered the lady to be ill-natured and heartily disliked by his wife and daughter.