Trollopiana 86

Number 86 ~ Summer 2010


22nd Annual Dinner
Geoff Hales and Teresa Ransom

Appearing in the characters of Anthony Trollope and his mother Fanny; Geoff Hales and Teresa Ransom gave a fascinating insight into the lives of one of the most literary of Victorian families.


Introducing our new Chairman

The Trollope Society’s new Chairman,┬áMichael G Williamson, introduces himself and shares the story of how he came to read Trollope.

All The Alphabet Before Him

Pamela Neville-Sington describes how the discovery of a letter written by Anthony’s father provides a glimpse in the Trollope’s world of the 1830s.


Your Letters

Your questions, comments and observations on Trollope and the Trollope Society.

Seminar Groups

A review of our Seminar Groups recent activity up and down the country.

Omnium Gatherum

A collection of all sorts of things of interest to Trollopians.

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