Trollopiana 107

Number 107 ~ Summer 2017


An Interview with Susan Hampshire

Actress Susan Hampshire talks about her career and specifically about playing Lady Glencora and Madeline Neroni in BBC adaptations of Trollope’s novels.

Trollope’s Legal Mistakes in ‘The Great Orley Farm Case’ – Can You Forgive Him?

Texas based lawyer Todd Shields has been a devoted Trollopian since the early 1990s. He considers whether criticism of Trollope’s treatment of the law in Orley Farm was justified.

What Muriel Rose Remembered – Part Three

Trollope Society Chair, Michael Williamson, explores more of what Muriel Rose, Anthony Trollope’s grand-daughter remembered.

Legal London and Old Bailey Insight

Trollope Society member Nicky Barnes describes a tour of Legal London which complemented the London discussion day on ‘Trollope and the Law’.

Talking Books

The Trollope Society thanks members who have contributed to the RNIB’s Talking Books.

An Honour for the First Lady

Pamela Barrell is appointed to be the first Bedeswoman of the Trollope Society.


Your Letters

Your questions, comments and observations on Trollope and the Trollope Society.

Omnium Gatherum

A collection of all sorts of things of interest to Trollopians.

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