Trollopiana 101

Summer 2015


Oh What a Wonderful Week

Euphemia Florence Barslop chronicles her thoughts of a wonderful week enjoyed by Trollopians at the time of the bicentenary in April.

Toast to the Trollope Society

Professor John McCourt toasts the Trollope Society at Anthony Trollope’s bicentenary dinner at the Athenæum.

A Toast to Anthony Trollope

Lord Fellowes of West Stafford toasts Anthony Trollope and reveals his plans to adapt Doctor Thorne for television.

Oh What a Wonderful Week/Continued

Euphemia Florence Barslop completes her chronicle of the bicentenary week with details of a Trollope walk in London.

What They Said About Trollope at the Time

Dr Nigel Starck explores the contemporary reviews that Trollope received between 1858-74


Dr Simon Grennan describes the thinking behind his new graphic novel, based on Anthony Trollope’s John Caldigate.


Your Letters

Your questions, comments and observations on Trollope and the Trollope Society.

Seminar Groups

A review of our Seminar Groups’ recent activity up and down the country.

Omnium Gatherum

A collection of all sorts of things of interest to Trollopians.

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