Christmas Stories ~ The Two Heroines of Plumplington

Join us for a Christmas Zoom. We will be discussing one of Trollope’s best-loved Christmas stories, The Two Heroines of Plumplington, first published in ‘Good Cheer’, Christmas number of Good Words, Dec. 1882.

The Two Heroines of Plumplington is included in the Oxford World’s Classics edition of The Warden, edited by Nicholas Shrimpton, published in 2014.

Trollope returns to Barsetshire, to the little town of Plumplington, to tell the story of Emily Greenmantle, daughter of a bank manager, and Polly Peppercorn, daughter of a foreman at Du Boung’s brewery, and their two lovers.

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A rare find - 1954 edition contemporary reviews
A member of the Big Read Zoom group purchased a copy of The Two Heroines of Plumplington, published by Oxford World’s Classics in 1954, and found that it contained copies of contemporary reviews.

  • Page 1: Shows the dust cover of my copy of the novel, printed in Great Britain in 1954.  I recently bought this used book to read for our Zoom.  To my surprise and delight, I received more than an old used book for the $10.89 I paid for it!
  • Page 2: Shows the handwritten name of the buyer dated November 26, 1954. As to the handwritten price of $1, I think that must have been the price when the book was re-sold (although not to me).
  • Page 3: The third page is a much yellowed newspaper cut-out of a review of The Two Heroines of Plumplington, glued onto the following page.  As you can see, the author of that review was the chair of the Department of English of Brooklyn College
  • Page 4: Shows a review of the book.  Note the asterisk regarding the cause of Trollope’s death.  I hope it’s true!
  • Page 5: Shows the title page.

The Two Heroines of Plumplington 1954 Reviews

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