Online Conversazione ~ Trollope’s Griseldas or Too Much Obedience

Virginia Grinevitch, or Ginny to most, is a retired high school chemistry teacher who spends much of her time rereading Anthony Trollope novels at her home on the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains in southern Alberta, Canada. Participating in Trollope Society events over the past thirteen years has provided her with a welcome opportunity to connect with other fans of Mr Trollope. She has presented to the group a few times.

Trollope’s Griseldas or Too Much Obedience

There are two eponymous Griseldas in Trollope’s novels, as well as several other places where “a Griselda” or “not a Griselda” describes a woman’s character or behaviour. Nineteenth century readers would have recognized that “Griselda” described an uncomplainingly obedient woman. Anthony Trollope’s female characters are just as prominent, unique, and three dimensional as his male characters, but to find real happiness, a woman needed to be just the right amount of a Griselda. Referencing primarily the characters of Griselda Grantly and Miss Mackenzie, this talk explores the question “Just how obedient to her ‘lord and master’ should a woman be?”

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