Trollope and His Contemporaries – Ayala’s Angel

TrollopeAndHisContemporaries is a listserv group where people are invited to discuss Trollope’s work and that of his 19th century contemporaries.

We define the period generously from 1800 – post 1918, and cover all countries.

The group will be reading Ayala’s Angel beginning in the last week of June. The group will be reading eight chapters a week, completing the novel in eight weeks.

To apply to join the group, please visit

Group information

We are a group of people who behave as friends and read and discuss Anthony Trollope, any 19th texts by other authors and 20th century one relevant to Trollope, by authors as supremely good as he is as a writer  People are invited to discuss other books they are reading at the same time, and any movies or art seen and music heard. Everyone is asked to use his or her real name, provide a brief introduction, and behave courteously. We have an informal calendar schedule, don’t practice spoiler warnings or a volunteer system for posting summaries. We discuss relevant politics as well — Trollope is an important political novelist. We would like everyone who comes to regard the place as somewhere to express and enjoy yourself with others.

You can download an etext of Ayala’s Angel from our Books and Characters Database here. Please note the information in the Books database contains plot spoilers.

If you’re in London you may also be interested in the Trollope Society London Seminar Group Picnic in Kensington Gardens where will be informally be discussing Ayala’s Angel on Saturday 18th August.