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Vavasor, George

Cousin of Alice Vavasor, to whom he was twice engaged. Disinherited by his grandfather, he forced Alice to lend him money to contest a seat in Parliament, which, being won, had to he contested a second time, with more demands for funds, When he lost his seat and the respect of all his friends, quarreled with Alice and tried to kill her fiancee John Grey, he emigrated to America.

In The Noble Jilt, represented by Mark Steinmark.

"He would not generally have been called ugly by women, had not one side of his face been dreadfully scarred by a cicatrice, which in healing, had left a dark indented line down from his left eye to his lower jaw.... His hair was black, and was parted in the front. His forehead, though low, was broad. His eyes were dark and bright, and his eyebrows were very full, and perfectly black.... He wore a thick black moustache, which covered his mouth, but no whiskers.... rather low in stature, but well made, with small hands and feet, but broad in the chest and strong in the loins ..." Can You Forgive Her?