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Vavasor, Alice

The heroine of Can You Forgive Her?, her fault being that she was twice engaged to and twice jilted her cousin George Vavasor, and twice engaged to John Grey before she finally married him. A cousin of Lady Glencora Palliser, whose confidante she was in Lady Glen’s love for Burgo Fitzgerald

Most prominent in Can You Forgive Her?; briefly, as Mrs. Grey, a guest at Matching Priory, in The Eustace Diamonds.

In The Noble Jilt, represented by Margaret de Wynter.

"In person she was tall and well made, rather large in her neck and shoulders, as were all the Vavasors, but by no means fat. Her hair was brown, but very dark, and she wore it rather lower upon her forehead than is customary at the present day. Her eyes, too, were dark, though they were not black, and her complexion, though not quite that of a brunette, was far away from being fair. Her nose was somewhat broad, and retrouss~, too, was a charming nose, full of character and giving to her whole face at times a look of pleasant humour, which it would otherwise have lacked. Her mouth was large and full of character, and her chin oval, dimpled ' and finely chiselled.... a fine, handsome, high-spirited young woman". - Can You Forgive Her?