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Thorne, Monica

Sister of Wilfred Thorne.

"...who participated in his prejudices and feelings so strongly, that she was a living caricature of all his foibles .... Genealogy was her favorite insanity .... Her virtues were too numerous to describe, and not sufficiently interesting to deserve description...." - Barchester Towers

"In her person and dress she was perfect, and well she knew her own perfection. She was a small elegantly made old woman, with a face from which the glow of her youth had not departed without leaving some streaks of a roseate hue. She was proud of her colour, proud of her grey hair which she wore in short crisp curls peering out all around her face from the dainty white lace cap.... She was proud of her teeth, which were still white and numerous, proud of her bright cheery eye, proud of her short jaunty step, and very proud of the neat, precise, small feet with which those steps were taken. She was proud also, ay, very proud, of the rich brocaded silk in which it was her custom to ruffle through her drawing room" - Barchester Towers