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Stanbury, Jemima (Aunt Stanbury)

A wealthy spinster, who inherited her fortune from a deceased lover, and whose determination to return it intact to the Burgess family interfered with her desire to help her impecunious relatives. For a time she would not consent to the marriage of her niece Dorothy with Brooke Burgess, whom she had made her heir.

Aunt Stanbury is reminiscent of Trollope’s cousin Fanny Bent, whom he visited at Exeter as a boy.

One of the principal characters in He Knew He Was Right.

"She was a little woman, now nearly sixty years of age, with bright grey eyes, and a strong Roman nose, and thin lips, and a sharpcut chin. She wore a headgear that almost amounted to a mobcap, and beneath it her grey hair was always frizzled with the greatest care. Her dress was invariably black silk, and she had five gowns,-one for church, one for evening parties, one for driving out, and one for evenings at home and one for mornings"