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Stanbury, Dorothy

Hugh Stanbury’s younger sister, who lived with Aunt Stanbury at Exeter. She won the heart of the crabbed old lady, although she refused stoutly to he married off to the Rev. Mr. Gibson, and eventually persuaded her aunt to allow her to marry Brooke Burgess.

"... light haired, with almost flaxen ringlets, worn after the old-fashioned way. ... She had very soft grey eyes, which ever seemed to beseech you to do something when they looked at you, and her mouth was a beseeching mouth. ... Her complexion was pale, but there was always present in it a tint of pink running here and there, changing with every word she spoke, changing indeed with every pulse of her heart. Nothing ever was softer than her cheek.... She was rather tall than otherwise ..." - He Knew He Was Right.