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Slope, The Rev. Obadiah

The domestic chaplain to Bishop Proudie at Barchester. At first a protege of the Bishop’s wife, but later her enemy when he endeavored to wrest the control of the diocese from her hands. He might have married one of the many Proudie daughters, but instead wooed Eleanor Bold, and was for a time enamored of Signora Neroni.

At the command of Mrs. Proudie he was finally dismissed, and married a rich widow in London, where he had a church in the vicinity of the New Road.”I have heard it asserted that he is lineally descended from that eminent physician who assisted at the birth of Mr. T. Shandy, and that in early years he added an ‘e’ to his name, for the sake of euphony.

"Mr. Slope is tall, and not ill made. His feet and hands are large ... but he has a broad chest and wide shoulders to carry off these excrescences, and on the whole his figure is good. His countenance, however, is not specially prepossessing. His hair is lank, and of a dull pale reddish hue. It is always formed into three straight lumpy masses, each brushed with admirable precision, and cemented with much grease.... He wears no whiskers, and is always punctiliously shaven. His face is nearly the same colour as his hair, though perhaps a little redder: it is not unlike beef,--beef, however, one would say, of a bad quality. His forehead is capacious and high, but square and, heavy, and unpleasantly shining. His mouth is large, though his lips are thin and bloodless; and his big, prominent, pale brown eyes inspire anything but confidence. His nose, however, is his redeeming feature: it is pronounced, straight, and well-formed; though I myself should like it better did it not possess a somewhat spongy, porous appearance, as though it had been cleverly formed out of red coloured cork" - Barchester Towers