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Saul, The Rev. Samuel

The serious and hard-working curate of the Rev. Henry Clavering, who surprised everyone by falling in love with Fanny Clavering, and finally persuading her to return his affections. At the end of the book he was made Rector of Clavering, and they were married.

"Mr. Saul was very tall and very thin, with a tall thin head, and weak eyes, and a sharp, well-cut nose, and, so to say, no lips, and very white teeth, with no beard, and a well-cut chin. His face was so thin that his cheekbones obtruded themselves unpleasantly. He wore a long rusty black coat, and a high rusty black waistcoat, and trousers that were brown with dirty roads and general ill-usage. Nevertheless, it never occurred to any one that Mr. Saul did not look like a gentleman" - The Claverings.