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Robarts, Lucy

Mark’s youngest sister, who made her home with him at Framley Parsonage. She refused to marry Lord Lufton until his mother should ask her to do so.

Heroine of Framley Parsonage.

"...what eyes she had!... They flashed upon you, not always softly; indeed not often softly if you were a stranger to her; but whether softly or savagely, with a brilliance that dazzled you as you looked at them.... was thoroughly a brunette. Sometimes the dark tint of her cheek was exquisitely rich and lovely, and the fringes of her eyes were long and soft, and her small teeth, which one so seldom saw, were white as pearls, and her hair, though short, was beautifully soft-by no means black, but yet of so dark a shade of brown" - Framley Parsonage

"I think myself that Lucy Robarts is, perhaps, the most natural English girl I ever drew." - An Autobiography