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Orme, Sir Peregrine

One of the finest of Trollope’s gentlemen. The lord of the manor and owner of The Cleeve, who befriended Lady Mason and desired to marry her.

"The relations of Sir Peregrine and [Lady Mason] are worked with a fine courtesy and gentleness."-Walpole, p. 129."He was a fine, handsome English gentleman with white hair, keen grey eyes, a nose slightly aquiline. ... He was tall, but had lost something of his height from stooping, - was slight in his form, but well made, and vain of the smallness of his feet and the whiteness of his hands. He was generous, quick-tempered, and opinionated; generally very mild to those who would agree with him and submit to him, but intolerant of contradiction, and conceited as to his experience of the world, and the wisdom which he had thence derived" - Orley Farm