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Ongar, Julia (Brabazon), Lady

Sister of Lady Hermione Clavering. Although in love with Harry Clavering, she sold herself for wealth and position to an elderly debauchee who, after treating her cruelly, drank himself to death within a year of their marriage. She returned to London, accompanied by Count Pateroff and his sister Sophie Gordeloup, who sponged on her and made her life a burden. Ignoring the fact that Harry Clavering was engaged to marry Florence Burton, she tried to attract him again, but failed.

"Julia was tall, with a high brow, a glorious complexion, a nose as finely modelled as though a Grecian sculptor had cut it, a small mouth, but lovely in its curves, and a chin that finished and made perfect the symmetry of her face. Her neck was long, but graceful as a swan's, her bust was full, and her whole figure like that of a goddess" - The Claverings