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Mountjoy, Florence

Although her mother wished her to marry the rascally Mountjoy Scarborough, Florence had given her heart to the comparatively impecunious Harry Annesley, and after three volumes of constancy finally married him.

"In figure, form, and face she never demanded immediate homage by the sudden flash of her beauty. But when her spell had once fallen on a man's spirit it was not often that he could escape from it quickly.... Her voice was soft and low and sweet, and full at all times of harmonious words; but when she laughed it was like soft winds playing among countless silver bells. There was something in her touch which to men was almost divine. Of this she was all unconscious, but was as chary with her fingers as though it seemed that she could ill spare her divinity. In height she was a little above the common, but it was by the grace of her movements that the world was compelled to observe her figure.... her eyes were more than ordinarily bright, and when she laughed there seemed to stream from them some heavenly delight.... her hair was soft and smooth, and ever well dressed, and never redolent of peculiar odors" - Mr. Scarborough's Family.