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Jaquetanape, Mrs. Clementina (golightly)

She had a fortune of £20,000, a passion for dancing, and little else. Alaric Tudor was one of the trustees of her fortune, and urged Charley Tudor to marry her. Charley was not interested, and Clementina married Victoire Jaquetanape.

" the common parlance of a large portion of mankind, 'a doosed fine gal.' She stood five feet six, and stood very well, on very good legs, but with rather large feet. She was as straight as a grenadier.... Waltzes and polkas suited her admirably; for she was gifted with excellent lungs and perfect powers of breathing; and she had not much delight in prolonged conversation.... We have said nothing about the face of the beauteous Clementina, and indeed nothing can he said about it.... You might look at her for four hours consecutively on a Monday evening, and yet on Tuesday you would not know her" - The Three Clerks.