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Gresham, Mrs. Mary (Thorne)

The illegitimate daughter of Henry Thorne and Mary Scatcherd, adopted in her infancy and educated by Doctor Thome. Her love for Frank Gresham seemed hopeless until it became known that she was the heiress of the Scatcherd fortune.

"Of her personal appearance it certainly is my business as an author to say something. She is my heroine, and, as such, must necessarily be very beautiful but, in truth, her mind and inner qualities are more clearly distinct to my brain than her outward form and features. I know that she was far from being tall, and far from being showy; that her feet and hands were small and delicate; that her eyes were bright when looked at, but not gleaming so as to make their brilliancy palpably visible to all around her; her hair was dark. brown, and worn very plainly brushed from her forehead; her lips were thin, and her mouth, perhaps, in general inexpressive, but when she was eager in conversation it would show itself to he animated with curves of wondrous energy; and, quiet as she was in manner, sober and demure as was her usual settled appearance, she could talk, when the fit came on her, with an energy which in truth surprised those who did not know her; ay and sometimes those who did" - Doctor Thorne