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Fillgrave, Dr

A doctor at Barchester, always in a feud with Dr. Thome of Greshamsbury

."...he was five feet five; and he had a little round abdominal protuberance, which an inch and a half added to the heels of his boots hardly enabled him to carry off as well as he himself would have wished.... There was, however, a personal dignity in his demeanour, a propriety in his gait, and an air of authority in his gestures which should prohibit one from stigmatising those efforts at altitude as a failure.... If his legs were short, his face was not.... His hair was gray, not grizzled, nor white, but properly gray; and stood up straight from off his temples on each side with an unbending determination of purpose. His whiskers, which were of an admirable shape, coming down and turning gracefully at the angle of his jaw, were gray also, but somewhat darker than his hair.... His eyes were not brilliant, but were very effective, and well under command.... His nose was long, and well pronounced, and his chin, also, was sufficiently prominent; but the great feature of his face was his mouth. The amount of secret medical knowledge of which he could give assurance by the pressure of those lips was truly wonderful. By his lips, also, he could be most exquisitely courteous, or most sternly forbidding"