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Demolines, Madalina

An admirer of Johnny Eames, from whose advances, with an eye to matrimony, Johnny extricated himself with difficulty and the aid of a London bobby. Married Peter Bangles.

Caricatured as Anastasia Fitzapple-John in the burlesque Never, Never – Never, Never.

"...though she was hardly to be called beautiful, was at any rate remarkable. She had large, dark, well-shaped eyes, and very dark hair, which she wore tangled about in an extraordinary manner, and she had an expressive face;.--a face made expressive by the owner's will. Such power of expression is often attained by dint of labour,-though it never reaches to the expression of anything in particular. She was almost sufficiently good-looking to be justified in considering herself to be a beauty" - The Last Chronicle of Barset