Trustees and Committee

The Trollope Society is run by the Trustees and the Executive Committee.


The Rt. Hon. The Lord Fellowes of West Stafford DL


Gyles Brandreth
Susan Hampshire CBE
The Rt. Hon. Sir John Major KG, CH
Joanna Trollope CBE
Hugh I Trollope
Timothy West CBE


Jennifer Bryant-Pearson
Susan Cooper (Secretary)
Dominic Edwardes (Chair)
Professor Francis O’Gorman
Priscilla Hungerford MBE
Chris Skilton
Nigel Smith

Executive Committee

Jean Ammar
Christina Dunford
Mark Green

The Bedesmen and Bedeswomen of the Trollope Society

Several years ago, the Society established this honorary award in order to recognise significant and exceptional work from individuals within the membership. It is usually given on the occasion of their retirement from active duty. However, it is not awarded after death and most of the recipients will continue to contribute something of value towards the work of the Society which is greatly appreciated. The current Roll of Honour consists of the following names:

  • Priscilla Hungerford (former Chair of the Committee)
  • Pamela Barrell (former Editor of Trollopiana)
  • Michael Helm (former Treasurer)
  • Michael Williamson (former Chair of the Committee)
  • Pamela Morgan (former Membership Secretary)

We continue to be grateful to these Members who have made a tremendous contribution to the development of our Society over the years.