Trollopiana 127

Number 127 ~ Winter 2023/24

Trollopiana (Print) ISSN 2976-7539
Trollopiana (Online) ISSN 2976-7547


St Cuthbert at Barchester and St Swithun upon Kingsgate in Winchester

Susan Biddle came late to Trollope, reading her first novel (Dr Thorne) with the Big Read during the winter 2021 lockdown, and hasn’t looked back since. A practising lawyer, she particularly enjoys Trollope’s lawyers, and the questions of law and justice with which Trollope confronts his characters – and his readers. Brought up in Winchester, the similarity of both the Hospital of St Cross and St Swithun-upon-Kingsgate to places in The Warden struck her immediately.

Anna Karenina Reads Trollope

Joseph Rosenblum taught literature and book history for many years. He now tends to his cats and his garden.

Money Love

Mike Lewis-Beck writes from Iowa City. He has pieces in American Journal of Poetry, Alexandria Quarterly, Apalachee Review, Aromatica Poetica, Big Windows Review, Birdseed, Blue Collar Review, Columba, Cortland Review, Chariton Review, Eastern Iowa Review, Ekphrastic Review, Frogmore Papers, Guesthouse, Heavy Feather Review, I-70 Review, Inquisitive Eater, Pennine Platform, Pilgrimage, Seminary Ridge Review, Southword, the tiny journal and Wapsipinicon Almanac, among other venues. He has a book of poems, Rural Routes, published by Alexandria Quarterly Press.

Trollope’s Griseldas or Too Much Obedience

Virginia Grinevitch is a retired chemistry teacher and devoted fan of the novels of Anthony Trollope. She travelled from her mountain home in Alberta, Canada, to Oxford where she had the pleasure of presenting her talk at the Women in Trollope Conference.


Omnium Gatherum

A collection of all sorts of things of interest to Trollopians.

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