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Anthony Trollope born

24 April 1815

Anthony Trollope born in Keppel Street London.

Starts as dayboy at Harrow school

1 September 1823

In September  1823 Trollope starts as a dayboy at Harrow school.

Starts at Arthur Drury’s school at Sunbury

1 September 1825

In September 1825 Trollope starts at Arthur Drury’s school in Sunbury.

Entered Winchester College

1 April 1827

In April 1827 Trollope entered Winchester College.

Removed from Winchester College

1 July 1830

In Summer 1830 Trollope was removed from Winchester College.

Sent again to Harrow School

1 January 1831

In January 1831 Trollope was sent again to Harrow School.

Family flees to Bruges

1 April 1834

In April 1834 the Trollope family flee to Bruges to escape creditors.

Appointed surveyor’s clerk in Ireland

29 July 1834

Trollope is appointed surveryor’s clerk in the Central District of Ireland.

Starts work in the General Post Office

4 November 1834

Trollope is appointed a junior clerk in the General Post Office, London.

Marries Rose Heseltine

11 June 1844

Trollope marries Rose Heseltine at Rotherham, Yorkshire.

Transferred to Southern District of Ireland

27 August 1844

Trollope is tranferred to the Southern District of Ireland as assistant surveyor. He moves to Cork in August.

Hydraulic crane invented

1 January 1845



Henry Merivale Trollope born

13 March 1846

Anthony and Rose’s first child, Henry Merivale Trollope is born.

The Macdermots of Ballycloran

1 March 1847

In March 1847 The Macdermots of Ballycloran is published by Newby.

Frederick James Anthony Trollope born

27 September 1847

Anthony and Rose’s second child, Frederick James Anthony Trollope is born.



The Kellys and the O’Kellys

1 June 1848

In June 1848 The Kellys and the O’Kellys is published by Colburn.

Telegraph cable laid under atlantic

1 January 1850

The first telegraph cable was laid under the Altantic



La Vendée

1 June 1850

In June 1850 La Vendée is published by Colburn.

Appointed acting surveyor of the Northern District

29 August 1853

Trollope appointed acting surveyor of the Northern District of Ireland.



Appointed surveyor of Northern District

9 October 1854

Appointed surveyor of Northern District of Ireland.

The Warden

1 January 1855

In January 1855 The Warden is published by Longman.

Aniline dye invented

1 January 1856

Barchester Towers

1 May 1857

In May 1857 Barchester Towers is published by Longman.

The Three Clerks

1 November 1857

In November 1857 The Three Clerks is published by Bentley.

Doctor Thorne

1 May 1858

In May 1858 Doctor Thorne is published by Chapman and Hall.



The Bertrams

1 March 1859

In March 1859 The Bertrams is published by Chapman and Hall.

The West Indies and the Spanish Main

1 October 1859

In October 1859 The West Indies and the Spanish Main is published by Chapman and Hall.



Transferred to the Eastern District of England

21 November 1859

Trollope is transferred to the Eastern District of England as Surveyor.

Framley Parsonage

1 January 1860

In January 1860 Framley Parsonage is serialised in Cornhill until April 1861. Published in book format in April 1861 by Smith, Elder.

Moves to Waltham Cross

10 January 1860

The Trollope family move to Waltham House, Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire.

Orley Farm

1 March 1861

In March 1861 Orley Farm begins publication in 20 monthly parts until October 1862. Book publication by Chapman & Hall, Vol. 1 Dec 1861, Vol. 2 Sept 1862.

The Struggles of Brown, Jones and Robinson

1 August 1861

The Struggles of Brown, Jones and Robinson is serialised in Cornhill Magazine in eight monthly parts from August 1861 to March 1862. Published in a single volume by Smith, Elder in 1870. (Harper & Brothers of New York published a pirated edition in April 1870).

Tales of All Countries (First Series)

1 November 1861

In November 1861 Tales of All Countries: First Series is published by Chapman & Hall.

Elected to the Garrick Club

5 April 1862

Trollope is elected to the Garrick Club, his nomination was seconded by William Makepeace Thackeray.



North America

1 May 1862

In May 1862 North America is published by Chapman & Hall.



Trollope’s mother dies

6 October 1863

Trollope’s mother, Fanny, dies.

Attends Thackeray’s funeral

29 December 1863

Trollope attends Thackerary’s funeral at Kensal Green Cemetary.

Royal Literary Club

9 March 1864

Trollope is elected to the general committee of the Royal Literary Club.

The Athenaeum Club

9 April 1864

Trollope is chosen by committee for membership of the Athenaeum Club.

Resigns from the Civil Service

31 October 1867

Trollope resigns from the Civil Service after 33 years of service in the Post Office.



Stands for election as MP for Beverley

17 November 1870

Trollope stands for election as a Member of Parliament as the Liberal candidate for Beverley, Yorkshire. He comes last of four candidates.



Gives up Waltham House

1 April 1872

Trollope gives up Waltham Cross to travel to Australia.

Lodgings at 3 Holles Street

1 December 1872

In December Trollope arrives home and takes lodgings at 3, Holles Street, London.

Moves to Monatgu Square

1 April 1873

In April Trollope moves to new home at 39 Montagu Square, London.

Moves to North End, South Harting

6 July 1880

Trollope moves from Montagu Square to North End, South Harting near Petersfield.

Takes rooms in Garlant’s Hotel

2 October 1882

Trollope takes rooms in Garlant’s Hotel, Suffolk Street, London.

Suffers a stroke

3 November 1882

Trollope suffers a stroke while dining with John Tilley.



Dies in a nursing home

6 December 1882

Trollope dies in a nursing home at 34 Welbeck Street, London.


9 December 1882

Trollope is buried at Kensal Rise cemetary, London.