Barsetshire map tea-towel


Cotton tea-towel with map of Barsetshire

£10.00 each, or £40.00 for a set of five


High quality cotton tea-towel featuring specially commissioned map of Barsetshire with vignette illustrations by Simon Grennan.

As I wrote Framley Parsonage, I became more closely than ever acquainted with the new shire which I had added to the English counties … The was the fourth novel of which I had placed the scene in Barsetshire and, as I wrote it, I made map of the dear county.

Anthony Trollope, An Autobiography

Specially commissioned by the Trollope Society, this new map of Barsetshire has been created to be as accurate and true to Trollope’s original intentions as possible. Every geographical reference in every novel has been considered, and where anomolies arose the most reasonable solutions have been adopted. The result is the most comprehensive map of Barsetshire ever created, beautifully illustrated by Simon Grennan.