Online Conversazione WhatsApp Group Terms of Use


All users must have a WhatsApp account and accept the WhatsApp terms of service given at

What the Group is for

The purpose of the group is:

  • The primary focus of the group is the discussion of current topic of the group. This will usually be a novel or other work by Anthony Trollope, but may include the works of Fanny Trollope and other related literature.
  • Social interaction for members of the group.

Keep the chat relevant to everyone

Before you post to the group chat, think about whether what you’re about to say is relevant to the whole group, and if not, message that person directly.


The Online Conversazione is a world-wide group. As such members may be posting at any time of day or night. To avoid unwanted notifications during anti-social hours you may want to turn off notifications for the group, or set your device to only allow notifications during a limited times of day.


Don’t get into in-depth conversations or arguments. If things start to get heated, shut the discussion down and decide to talk about it one-to-one.

Please show respect for others at all times and remember that written communication is very different to spoken conversation. WhatsApp isn’t the place to discuss divisive issues as tone and meaning can be misconstrued over message. Also, writing in CAPITALS is known as shouting, which can in itself cause offence (as well as being difficult to read).

Abusive Behaviour

Any comments made with intent to threaten, harm or hurt another in any way will be deleted and will result in a warning. Any member who repeats negative behaviour and ignores warnings will be blocked.


It’s fine to discuss the politics of Trollope’s novels, Victorian Britain and the social moirés of the time. Please do not discuss contemporary politics or express a contemporary political opinion.

Prejudicial Remarks

Using prejudicial statements, comments or remarks denigrating racial or ethnic background, sexual orientation, gender, age or religion is strictly prohibited.

Libelous Content

You may not post any content which is illegal, libelous or defamatory, or which discloses private or personal matters concerning any person other than yourself without the consent of that person.


Use of profanity in any language is not permitted.

Selling Items and Soliciting Members

Offering items for sale to the group or individual members is not allowed.


The posting of bulk unsolicited messages to members promoting goods, services or a personal agenda is not tolerated on this site. Any posts or emails of this type will be deleted, and Private Messages should be reported.

Removal of Messages

The Trollope Society reserves the right to redirect or remove any inappropriate, aggressive or potentially harmful discussion that detracts from our mission and purpose. Our decision is final and the decision of what is inappropriate is not open to debate. This may include religion, politics or any discussion promoting unlawful activities.

Updating Terms and Conditions

By registering with the Online Conversazione WhatsApp Group you agree you are accepting the terms and conditions of using this group. These terms and conditions may be updated or amended at any time. Members of the group will be notified of any changes by a post from the Admin in the group.

Leaving the Group

You may leave the group at any time

Personal Information

Please note that your mobile phone number and WhatsApp display name will be visible to all members of the group.

It is entirely up to you whether you disclose any personal information in the group or to people that you interact with in the group. Doing so is at your own risk. If you wish to maintain personal confidentiality, do not post or share personal details.

The Trollope Society will hold the personal information that you submitted to join the group for as long as you remain a member of the group. Your personal information will be deleted when you leave the group. To rejoin the group please reapply.

Breach of these Terms of Use

Any member who breaches any of these terms of use will be notified and any posts which are in breach will be deleted. A minor breach will result in a warning in writing as to future conduct, including that continued behaviour could lead to a suspension or exclusion from using the service.

In the event of an isolated serious breach or repeated breach(es) of these terms of use we reserve the right to suspend or exclude the member from the forums. If the member is suspended they will be notified in writing how long the suspension will last and will need to agree to adhere to the terms and conditions before the suspension is lifted.

Should an exclusion take place the member will be deleted from the group and will be banned from rejoining the group, from any device or WhatsApp account, for the period of suspension. The decision of the Trollope Society Admin in relation to what constitutes a breach of these terms is final and the Trollope Society or the Group Admin will enter into no discussion.

Version 1.0 Published 12 April 2020