Online Conversazione ~ Rights, Property and the Orphaned Female

The North-West Seminar Group usually meets in Manchester. For the time being meetings will take place on Zoom – all are welcome.

Rights, Property and the Orphaned Female in the Nineteenth Century Novel ~ Ayala’s Angel and No Name

We will be discussing Anthony Trollope’s Ayala’s Angel and Wilkie Collins’ No Name, exploring the theme of Rights, Property and the Orphaned Female in the nineteenth century novel. The meeting will take the form of a group discussion on Zoom.

Both novels are available to download free of charge from Project Gutenberg.

  • Ayala’s Angel, Anthony Trollope, London, Chapman & Hall, 1881. 3V.
  • No Name, Wilkie Collins, London, Sampson Low, Son & Co, 1862. Serialised in All The Year Round

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Meeting ID: 831 5495 7424

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