Phineas Redux ~ London Walk

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the publication of Anthony Trollope’s Phineas Redux join City of London Guide Paul Baker following in the footsteps of Phineas Finn around Mayfair and Westminster.

The walk will take about two hours to complete, which will give us time to hear about locations in other Trollope novels, as well as visiting what is likely to be the exact location of the murder in Phineas Redux.

Following the walk you are invited to join us for an optional cup of tea and refreshments at a Caffè Concerto on Piccadilly. For more info see Caffè Concerto Piccadilly.

  • We will meet outside Oxford Circus Underground Station, at Exit 8, which emerges on the east side of Argyll Street, a few metres south of East Oxford Street, for a 2.00pm departure.
  • The walk will end on Piccadilly around 4.00pm.
  • Tickets £15 per person for the guided walk.
  • Tea at Caffè Concerto is not included in the ticket price.
  • Please pay Paul Baker in cash on the day.

Address: Oxford Circus Underground Station, Exit 8 (Argyll Street)