North-West Seminar Group ~ Rights, Property and the Orphaned Female

Event cancelled

Rights, Property and the Orphaned Female ~ Ayala’s Angel and No Name

We will be discussing Trollope’s Ayala’s Angel and Wilkie Collins’ No Name and exploring the themes of rights, property and the orphaned female in nineteenth century novels. The meeting will take the form of a group discussion.

Trollope Society Seminar Groups

Seminar groups are run by the Trollope Society. Seminar groups are a great way to read Trollope. With so many novels to choose from they provide an excellent reason to read the lesser well known works, as well as to reread the favourites! Each seminar is led by one of the members of the group, and everyone’s participation is welcomed. They are a friendly and relaxed way to enjoy Trollope, share your thoughts as well as find out more from other enthusiasts.

Non-members of the Society are very welcome to come to a seminar. If they enjoy it and want to come to this or other events in future please ask afterwards for details of membership.

If you are interested in attending and require further details, please contact Jean Ammar at

Price £10 to be collected on the day.