London Reading Group ~ Phineas Redux

The London Reading Group will be meeting to discuss Phineas Redux on Wednesday 18th October 2023 at 6.30pm. The venue is The Meeting Room, St Peter’s Eaton Square, which is a ten minute walk from Victoria station.

Phineas Redux was originally serialised in The Graphic between 19th July 1873 and January 10 1874. It was first published as a two volume novel in December 1873.

There are certain chapters in the middle of Phineas Redux that are Trollope at the highest power … No post war-psychoanalytic realist can teach him anything. He seems in these passages to know all the morbid obscurities of the human heart. – Walpole

London Reading Group

The London Reading Group is run by the Trollope Society. Reading groups are a great way to read Trollope. With so many novels to choose from they provide an excellent reason to read the lesser well known works, as well as to reread the favourites. Each meeting is led by one of the members of the group, and everyone’s participation is welcomed. They are a friendly and relaxed way to enjoy Trollope, share your thoughts as well as find out more from other enthusiasts.

Non-members of the Society are very welcome to come to a meeting. If they enjoy it and want to come to future meetings we ask that they join the Society.

If you would like to introduce the meeting with a brief talk about the publication history, context and themes of the novel please let us know using the form below. There will follow a group discussion in which everyone’s participation is welcome.

Light refreshments (glass of wine or soft drink) will be served on arrival. Price £12.

Address: The Meeting Room, St Peters Church, Eaton Square, 119 Eaton Square, London SW1W 9AL