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Wyndham, Fanny

Niece and ward of Lord Cashel, an heiress in her own right, and later of her brothers fortune. At her guardian’s insistence she broke her engagement to Lord Ballindine, but refused to marry Lord Cashel’s dissipated son Lord Kilcullen. The story ends happily with her marriage to her first lover.

One of the two heroines of The Kellys and the O’Kellys.

"Fanny Wyndham was above the usual height, but she did not look tall, for her figure was well-formed and round, and her bust full. She had darkbrown hair, which was never curled, but worn in plain braids, fastened at the back of her head together with the long rich folds which were collected there under a simple comb. Her forehead was high, and beautifully formed. ... Her eyes were full and round, of a hazel colour, bright and soft when she was pleased, but full of pride and displeasure when her temper was ruffled, or her dignity offended. Her nose was slightly retrousse.... The line of her cheeks and chin, was very lovely ... her complexion ... was rich and glowing ..." - The Kellys and the O'Kellys