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Trowbridge, Marquis Of (john Augustus Stowe)

The owner of most of the land in Bullhampton Parish. In a moment of spite at the Vicar, he gave to the Primitive Methodists land, just at the vicarage gate, on which to build a chapel. The land was later found to he part of the glebe belonging to the vicarage, to the great embarrassment of the Marquis.

"...a man nearer seventy than sixty, but very hale, with few signs of age. He was short and plump, with hardly any beard on his face, and short grey hair, of which nothing could be seen when he wore his hat.... he was a silly, weak, ignorant man, whose own capacity would hardly have procured bread for him in any trade or profession, had broad not been so adequately provided for him by his fathers before him" - The Vicar of Bullhampton.