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Trefoil, Arabella

While engaged to John Morton, she decided that a marriage to Lord Rufford would he more advantageous and used all her wiles to bring it about. When she failed, and John Morton died leaving her a fortune, she married Mounser Green and went with him to a diplomatic post in Patagonia.

"She was a big, fair girl whose copious hair was managed after such a fashion that no one could guess what was her own and what was purchased.She certainly had fine eyes.... They were very large, beautifully blue, but never bright; and the eyebrows over them were perfect. Her cheeks were somewhat too long and the distance from her well-formed nose to her upper lip too great. Her mouth was small and her teeth excellent. But the charm of which men spoke the most was the brilliance of her complexion.... Though she was tall and big she never let an awkward movement to escape from her.... No young woman could walk across an archery ground with a finer step, or manage a train with more perfect ease, or sit upon her horse with a more complete look of being at home there.... She ... did not care much for pleasure. But she did care to be a great lady,--one who would he allowed to swim out of rooms before others, one who could snub others, one who could show real diamonds when others wore paste, one who might be sure to be asked everywhere, even by the people who hated her. She rather liked being hated by women and did not want any man to be in love with her,--except as far as might he sufficient for the purpose of marriage" - The American Senator