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Scatcherd, Sir Louis Philippe

The only child of Sir Roger, who had determined to make a gentleman of him by sending him to Eton and to Cambridge, from which institutions he was promptly expelled. He tried to marry Mary Thorne, but the match was indignantly repudiated by Dr. Thorne.

"...strong neither in mind or body ...he already showed symptoms of his father's vices, but no symptoms of his talents.... he had begun life by being dissipated without being generous; and at the age of twenty-one he had already suffered from deliriumtremens.... He was a small man, not ill-made by Nature, but reduced to unnatural tenuity by dissipation.... His hair was dark red, and he wore red moustaches and a great deal of red beard beneath his chin, cut in a manner to make him look like an American. His voice also had a Yankee twang, being a cross between that of an American trader and an English groom.... his eyes were keen and fixed, and cold and knowing" - Doctor Thorne